Teachers and Staff

Gawin 老師, Ph.D.


Gawin is a Taiwanese-American who grew up in Missouri.  She has studied Mandarin since childhood, and now, as an adult, she really appreciates all of the hard work her mom put in in order for her to know Mandarin!  Gawin believes the preschool age is a wonderful and amazing age and works hard to ensure Little Panda is a warm, creative, and nurturing environment. She particularly enjoys seeing growth in the students’ abilities and confidence as they attend Little Panda. Gawin currently lives in Durham with her husband, son, and daughter.

Chen 老師, B.A.

Teacher for ages 2-3

Zheng Chen is a native Mandarin speaker who was born in Beijing, China. She moved to the United States in 1998 and has lived in North Carolina since 2006. After loving the process of teaching her daughter Chinese, she obtained an Early Childhood Education Certificate and began teaching the language to more students. Since being in North Carolina, she has taught hundreds of students in many different schools in the Triangle area. She loves seeing her students grow up and seeing their Chinese progress. Zheng believes being patient and empowering students is vital in seeing their growth. Zheng looks forward to teaching Chinese to even more future children. Currently, Zheng resides in Chapel Hill with her husband and daughter.

Cindy 老師, B.A.

A native Mandarin speaker from Taiwan, Cindy has years of experience teaching at local weekend Mandarin schools. Cindy is the newest teacher to join our team so a more complete profile will be available shortly!

Julie 老師, M.B.A.

Substitute teacher

A native Mandarin Chinese speaker, Julie was born and raised in Taiwan. She received her B.S. in Taiwan and M.B.A. degree in the U.S. Julie has had many years of experience teaching Mandarin to children and adults. Julie’s proficiency in Mandarin teaching has also lead her to design curriculums for local Chinese schools in the U.S. She has been with Little Panda since its establishment and is adored by all of her students. Many alumni come back to visit her! Julie lives in Durham with her husband and two daughters.

Pingguo 老師, B.A.

Teacher for ages 3-4

Yun-Ping is a native Mandarin speaker from Taiwan who has worked with children since her college years. She has extensive experience in education and was promoted quickly during her time at Taiwan’s Hess International Educational group. Upon moving to the Triangle area, Yun-Ping has been a sought-after Mandarin teacher at the local weekend Mandarin schools for the past 6 years.

Tianlin老師, B.A.

Teacher for ages 3-5

Tianlin is a native Mandarin speaker from China. She completed a double major in teaching and architecture and taught elementary school students in China for five years before moving to the U.S.   Tianlin has taught young children Mandarin in the Research Triangle area since 2007.  Besides teaching at Little Panda, Tianlin also teaches at other local Mandarin programs such as the weekend Chapel Hill Chinese School and at Dream Academy after school program.  Tianlin lives in Cary with her husband and has a grown daughter that likes to come back home to visit.

Tsao 老師, B.A.

Substitute teacher

Chiu Tsao is a native Mandarin speaker from Taiwan.  She has over 20 years of teaching experience.  It all started with teaching her own children Mandarin. She also taught at her local weekend Mandarin school and served as a principal for a few years. In addition to teaching Mandarin, Chiu was also a Kumon math teacher for 10 years. Chiu just moved to the Triangle area this year and is enjoying spending more time with her grandchildren.